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The Excel version comes with a FREE 15 Day Trial and you can activate it at any time by purchasing a licence. Give it a test drive and see if it suits your purpose!

Currently only an Office 2010 Excel version is available. This can access both SharePoint Server 2007 & 2010 list data.

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Notice: If you are having trouble with Trust when Installing the Add In, Try running the Setup.exe from inside the .zip file. This appears to solve the issue!

Get the User Guide here


Installation Steps:

  • Download the correct .zip file to your hard drive and unzip to a local directory.
  • Run the setup.exe file to install the Add In to your version of Microsoft Excel.
  • Open MS Excel and you should see a SharePoint Data Doc tab in the ribbon.
  • Open Data Doc Settings and click Save&Exit to activate your Trial version.
  • You can install the downloaded trial version on any number of PC's, simply run the Setup.exe for each machine you require.

Note: You can easily roll out the configuration settings to each new users machine, including SharePoint connection details and pre configured data sets, by copying the file DDXMLStore.xml from the users Documents\DataDoc\ folder and placing it in each  subsequent users Documents\DataDoc\ folder.

Configuration Once Installed:

  • Open the Data Doc Settings form and add the URL for your SharePoint site, removing the default.aspx, but leaving the "/" at the end of the URL. Example: ""
  • Add your Username and Password as used in your browser to connect to SharePoint through your browser.
  • If you need to enter a Domain name for your site, do so here. Usually if your user name is of the format you will not need to enter a domain, so leave this field blank.
  • Click Test Connection button.
  • If connection is successful click the Save&Exit button and you are ready to start adding data sets.
  • If your connection test fails then check your details and retry until you get a Test Successful message.
  • You are all ready to go.

Note: Please ensure that you download the installation package to your local hard drive before installing to avoid errors in the installation process.